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Curb Cravings With Green Tea: Helps The Body Burn Fat

Green tea has a long history of healthful benefits and its qualities are significantly more effective than black tea. Both teas come from the carnellia sinensis plant but green tea leaves are steamed rather than fermented like black and oolong teas. This prevents a powerful antioxidant, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), from …

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Scientists Figure Out Why High Intensity Training Can Be As Effective As Longer Exercise

Researchers from Stockholms Karolinska Institute have discovered how high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can deliver similar health benefits toprolonged endurance exercises. HIIT is an exercise strategy that alternates short, intense anaerobic activity with a less intense recovery period. Our study shows that three minutes of high-intensity exercise breaks down calcium channels …

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104-Year-Young Grandpa Has More Style Than You (And Less Years Than Internet Says)

Fashion is something that changes with time, but certain fashions are timeless. Take this elderly gentleman, Günther Krabbenhöft, who was recently photographed in Berlin near the Kotbusser Tor station. While some other sources incorrectly reported this man’s age as 104, the grandpa himself says on his FB profile that the …

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