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THIS Is Why You Should Be Placing Butter In Your Coffee Every Morning!

Remember how butter was once the villain when it came to eating healthy?

Everyone was on the low-fat craze and suddenly butter went from a staple of most peoples diet to the bad guy to be avoided at all costs. But now butter has been making a huge comeback. People are realizing its not the bad guy it was made out to be and it is actually way better and more healthy than all the substitutes filled with artificial ingredients. People are cooking more with butter now and they are even doing something that sounds completely bizarre.

They are putting butter into their coffee! Seriously, this is the latest trend. There has even been a coffee shop chain that has opened up called Bulletproof Coffee which serves this new concoction. Its being considered the healthier alternative to creams and sugars, and actual has more health benefits as well.

There is some reasoning behind this peculiar trend that is being given the thumbs up as safe to consume by medical professionals as long as you dont have high cholesterol levels. The key is to use grass fed, unsalted butter. This is absolutely the only kind of butter that works as a healthy alternative. The grass fed butter contains an excellent source of vitamin K as well as healthy fats. The omega-6 to omega-3 ratio is an ideal mix that can even reduce body fat levels. Increased energy levels are also experienced due to the short-chain acid butyrate. This also helps with heart disease and neurodegenerative disease prevention due to the anti-inflammatory value.

How to make it:

Melt one or two tablespoons of grass fed butter in your coffee. Now put a tablespoon of MCT oil in there to. Stir it until its blended and frothy. The MCTs help produce ketones, which help the body burn energy from fat rather than carbs. You can use this cup of fat burning joe as a way to lose weight!

Heres a video which reveals everything you will want to know about this amazing drink and the scientific details behind how it actually works.

This could definitely be the boost in energy and the ideal fat burning formula youve been waiting for!

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